Firmware Engineering Services

Using GaTiís advanced technology, data created Gage and Signatec instruments may be subjected to Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms in real time during acquisition.

On-device controlling FPGAs offer the most efficient, high performance tool for rapid processing Ė particularly for integer-based pre-processing operations that eliminate or reduce data volume before its constrictive transfer to the host PC. For development of firmware for high speed designs, GaTi leverages its expertise in hardware description language programming, for example VHDL, along with a suite of development tools and an impressive library of FPGA IP cores for Xilinx and Altera.

GaTi has developed a suite of real-time general-purpose on-device FPGA firmware packages Ė such as FFT and Peak Detection. In addition, GaTi has delivered a number to a variety of customer-specific processing packages in order to improve their throughput by orders of magnitude. GaTiís expertise can be leveraged for modifications of FPGA firmware within standard GaGe or Signatec products or for the creation of new custom applications and products

A simpler but lower-throughput option is to perform DSP on the host PCís CPU, which GaTi offers within the framework of Software Engineering. A third intermediate option is to perform DSP on a dedicated GPU card. Using the high-performance NVidea CUDA library inconjunction with NVide, GaTi can provide DSP software.