Gage Engineering Services has successfully completed many customer-driven projects involving custom hardware, software, firmware, and system integration. A small sample is shown below:

GPIB Digitizer

Modern Replacement GPIB Digitizer for Avionics Test System Read more arrow

Pulse Output

Custom Signatec Pulse Output Firmware for Astronomical Optical Spectroscopy Application. Read more arrow

Position Stamping

Custom Signatec Position Stamping Firmware for Inspection Probe at Power Plant. Read more arrow

Custom 12-bit Digitizer

Custom 12-bit Digitizer Following Optical Time Retardation System. Read more arrow


Digital Pattern Generator for DAC Evaluation. Read more arrow

Gage FiberScope

A custom fiber-connected digitizer solution to enable airborne radar scans, that used to diagnose glaciers. Read more arrow

Customized Internal Connectors

A Gage digitizer card modified with internal connectors to allow internal connection and containment of EM emissions. Read more arrow