Originally established in 1987, Gage Applied Technologies Inc(GaTi) is a customer-oriented worldwide industry leader in Advanced Instrumentation based on the personal computer platform. GaTi designs and develops hardware and software for the Test and Measurement, Embedded Data Acquisition and Automated Test market segments. Our product offerings include PCI Express and PXI Express digitizers, generators, modular instruments, turnkey measurement systems, and supporting software.

As a worldwide industry leader, GaTi has created the foundational technology underpinning high-performance waveform digitizers and generators for both GaGe-brand and Signatec-brand products. These brands are world renowned for high speed, high data throughput, high resolution, low noise, deep on-board acquisition memory, and much more. Our designs and developed technologies are used worldwide across diverse industries in Communications, Computers, Semiconductor, Aerospace, Research Laboratories and Education. Some major applications served are Manufacturing Test, Advanced Research, Ultrasonics, Lasers, Signal Intelligence and Electronic Warfare.

GaTi now provides engineering services to North American technology companies. We can provide custom electronic hardware, software and firmware – usually that are based upon existing products in the GaGe or Signatec product line. Our specialty is the creation of connected instrumentation using a modern PC-equipped with GaGe or Signatec instrumentation – often for the replacement of existing legacy instrumentation.

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